Janky Bells: X'mas With Animal, Esq.

by Animal, Esq

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okay so,

this collection of demos exists for a number of reasons. it was almost like that book “if you give a mouse a cookie,” actually. if someone in the band acquires a field recorder, they’ll want to record everything they do in practice. if they have recordings of the songs they rehearse, they’ll want people to hear them. if they want people to hear them, they’ll put them on the internet. if they put them on the internet, they’ll want album art. and, if they want album art, they’ll try to release it around Christmas so the art can be a holiday-style family portrait.

…which brings us to “Janky Bells.” we wish we could tell you these demos were slaved over and artfully recorded and mixed, and that this is the kind of lo-fi that takes months of work to perfect. but it’s not: this is real lo-fi, like recorded in your parents’ basement (or, as it were, in a fluorescently-lit practice room in a multipurpose building at the edge of Brown’s campus) lo-fi, that’s not always pleasant to listen to, but it’s real, man, it’s fucking real, punk rock / noise rock / shoegaze / shitgaze / lo-fi / no-fi and all that. we’re like Henry Rollins if he fucked Billy Corgan and majored in Comp Lit. actually he may or may not have done one or both of those things so maybe that’s not the best description.

but we digress. this is as professional as we can get with limited time and no money, so just listen and reserve the harsh judgments for when we’re touring Japan in our private jets (because fuck if we're sharing a jet).

we sincerely hope you enjoy.

Happy Holidays,

<3 AE


released December 25, 2012

Album Cover by Grace Abe

Photos by Michael Coates



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Animal, Esq Boston, Massachusetts

We are a band

We are loud

We are:

Adam Asher: Bass

Nick Ebisu: Guitar, EBow

Soumya Ghosh: Synths

Phillipe Roberts: Drums, Guitar Loops, Samples
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